IRA strives for sustainable economic success as a company and with its employees. We strongly believe that this can only be achieved through compliance with laws, regulatory requirements, and the company’s own rules and standards.

Compliance is therefore an integral part of our business strategy. Our actions and decisions are shaped by ethical and compliance rules for conduct with integrity in our dealings with customers, business partners, employees and the public.

Conversely, we also expect our business partners to commit to and live by these values.

As a young company in the Rheinmetall Group, the externally certified Rheinmetall Compliance Management System (CMS) is an important element in all MIRA business processes:

This includes various regulations relevant to conduct and procedures, such as the Code of Conduct, the Supplier Code of Conduct or the Code of Conduct for Sales & Cooperation Partners.

Numerous advisory, training and support services offered by the Rheinmetall compliance organization help us to integrate compliance into our daily work.

In addition, indications of breaches of rules by employees or external parties are always followed up, irrespective of the hierarchical level and organizational assignment of the persons or companies concerned, and it is ensured that these concerns are dealt with appropriately. To this end, both employees and external parties have the opportunity to report violations of rules via the various channels of the Rheinmetall whistleblower system.

All of this helps us to successfully conclude business transactions while at the same time doing so in accordance with applicable laws and internal guidelines.

More information at: Rheinmetall – Compliance